DSLUG – Customization Manager for Programmer

T&T is very proud to have been invited once again to teach 2 half day premium sessions at this years Dynamics SL User’s Group convention in San Antonio TX.
We are passionate about the Dynamics SL product and its’ customization and development tools in particular.  We LOVE to teach and we are thrilled to be able to use our passion and talents to help raise money for the User’s Group!

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We look forward to seeing you there. 

What can you expect?:

Quick overview of the basics/fundamentals

The Customization Manager for programmers is a session intended for programmers who need to do the dirty work of customizing and supporting customizations to Dynamics SL.  We will very quickly cover the basics, like what is Customization Manager?  How do you get into Customize Mode?  What are Customization “levels”?  etc. so that those that are new to the product and tool will have enough background to get started.


Some advanced customizations with in depth code analysis

Then we will start to dive into fairly significant customization examples with full source code and explanations of the source code.  This section will give you enough to be able to go home and start seriously improving your end users work flow as well as better understand existing customization.

Where and how are customizations stored?

Next we will go behind the sense to see where and how exactly customizations are stored and how they are applied/loaded when a screen opens.  Why would you care you might ask?  Well that’s the next section.

Learn to leverage what you now know about where/how they are stored to better manage them

Finally we will look at some techniques for better managing your existing customizations for things like backing up and upgrading.


If you plan to attend this session, I STRONGLY encourage you to down load the files listed below and bring them with you.  It will be much easier for you to review the text on a local device or paper than trying to read some of the slides.