Application Design & Development

T&T has a depth of knowledge in the Microsoft Dynamics SL product few firms can match.  We combine that with a detailed understanding of a wide variety of business processes, accounting principles/requirements, and current technology.  We work with and understand all interested parties; CEO, CFO, CTO, end users, developers, and help desk personal.  This gives T&T the unique ability to understand the business needs and develop a solution that meets the needs of the end user while at the same time allows the technical side of the business to be confident in the technology and methodology used to develop the solution.

This combination makes us an invaluable asset to any company looking to extend or expand the functionality of their Dynamics SL installation or who wish to develop ISV products that can benefit end users in particular industry verticals.

Our development resources work cooperatively with your team to provide solutions in:

  • Financials
  • Logistics
  • Payroll
  • Project
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Government contracting
  • Professional services
  • And More...

"We translate business speak to tech speak and back with ease!"

We can do it all or just help on parts:
We have proven expertise in the full life cycle of system development and integration from requirements identification, application development and code management, to on going support.  We can augment your business at any or all levels to ensure a successful outcome and on-going functionality and efficiency.


  • We can talk business processes and accounting procedures with the CEO, CFO, staff accountants, and operational personnel to efficiently collect and document requirements, then deliver requirements to your development staff that fully define the need, in terms your developers understand.
  • You define the specifications and hand that off to us to implement, we're equally capable of that as well.
  • If you've got an existing solution that needs support and TLC on an on going bases, once again, we can handle that.
  • Or if you want use to do it all from soup to nuts, no problem.

We're can fill in a gap on your team or acting as your development team across the whole process.



Additional design/development services:

  • A development mentor: If you need to get productive fast on a technology that is new to you, there's nothing like teaming up with an expert!
    • With direct access to our expertise on demand, your programmers can avoid spend days or even weeks only to find out they've gone down a dead end path and had to double back and start all over.


  • Documentation services: A beautiful program that this is perfectly implemented is useless if it's not used.   Software and systems aren't used if the user can't figure out how to use them VERY quickly!  This is painfully evident over time as new staff need to get up to speed and the person with the understanding of the system as left the company.  This is where documentation pays for itself many times overWe have years of experience not just developing user documentation but also creating training materials and teaching training classes.  Combine this with experience working with real end users in the field, and we have the foundation needed to produce documentation that makes your solutions efficient and effective to your end users.


  • Code Management: We've developed and supported custom solutions that have been critical components of many companies business process for many years.  This means those solutions have needed to be supported,  maintained, and updated across multiple platform and system upgrades.  We've also stepped in to assist many companies that had to upgrade custom solutions after their original developers are no longer available.  We know the consequence of poorly documented, mismanaged,  or lost project source code.  We've developed and implement procedures to avoid that situation, or correct and re-mediate the consequence.  We can help you avoid this situation in the first place or limit the affects if you've already got a problem.


     Our application development services include:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Architecture design
  • Application business logic design
  • Project management
  • Process documentation
  • Product documentation
  • Systems integration and deployment
  • Upgrading existing ISV solutions

     Skills and technologies:

  • jQuery Mobile
  • HTML5, HTML Help
  • Javascript
  • C# C, C++
  • VB.NET
  • SQL



  • Dynamics AX
  • Dynamics SL
  • ISV Solutions