Dealing with Dynamics SL SDK Environment Setup Issues

What’s this post for?

It seems like every time I’m away from Microsoft Dynamics SL SDK development for more than a few weeks at least a few of the following things happen:


  • The machine or virtual machine I was last doing development on is no longer available and/or it’s not the version of Dynamics SL and Visual Studio I need to do my latest work on
  • I forget all the little details about how to deal with problems that sometimes come up with the development environment.

This just happened again and I knew that the last time it happened I got a little better about documenting the issues I encountered and how to deal with them but now I forgot where I put that documentation.

So, this blog post is mostly just so I will be able to find that documentation more easily next time by maybe searching my own website (future me…. You have been maintaining the documentation in your Google Doc’s account… go look for the most recent version there!)  For the rest of you, I exported the current state of that document to a Microsoft Word Document and uploaded it to this site and there should be a link to download at the bottom of this post:

Most recent challenge?  SL 2015 changed how they are distributing VB Templates

Prior to Dynamics SL version 2015 (and since version 7) Microsoft distributed the Dynamics SL VB template in a ZIP file that you could just copy to the Templates directory of your Visual Studio install.  With SL 2015, they now distribute the templates in a “Templates.VSIX” file, which kind of like an “MSI” file.  It’s an “Install program for Visual Studio Extensions”.  This is GREAT!! well it’s great IF!! everything works like it should but when it doesn’t then it’s a pain.  There is good news though!  the VSIX file appears to just be a ZIP file and you can open it with 7-ZIP and then inside of it is the Template ZIP file that you can just manually copy into Visual Studio.  Then there is this annoying other bit where you have to run a Visual Studio command line program to actually install the template…. but the details for that are in the document below:



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