Customization Essentials – SLUG 2015

Customization Essentials premium presentation at SLUG 2015 in San Antonio

T&T is excited to once again be asked to present a half day premium session about Customization Manager at the 2015 Dynamics SL Users Group conference in San Antonio this year.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who is no to Dynamics SL and isn't familiar with the Customization Manager features
    • If you are a user, manager or support person for users of Dynamics SL and you either didn't know there was a "Customization Manager" or you have little to know idea what "Customization Manager" is, then we strongly recommend you attend this session!  Even if you would never create a customization yourself, it very beneficial for you to be aware of the what the tool can do so that you can better discuss and request possible customizations with those people who would actually implement customizations to your Dynamics SL System.
  • Any developers that currently integrate and/or automate Dynamics SL but who are not familiar with the Customization Manager tool
    • If you are a programmer or IT support person or consultant and you are involved in supporting Dynamics SL and in particular if you are involved in any custom integrations, data imports and exports, etc. then you really should be aware of this tool and familiar with what it can and can't do.  The actual customizations presented in he session are relatively trivial for most programmers, but the content in this session lays a foundation that is necessary be able to effectively develop any customizations.  So, if you're a programmer and not familiar with the basics of Customization Manager, this is a great place to get the basics you will need to move on to advanced customizations!


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